The Importance of Registering Music with a Publishing Company

As soon as you write a song, before it's released, you want to register the publishing. Your publishing company, or your admin publishing company, will then register that with every PRO (Performing Rights Organization) around the world; every CMO (Collective Management Organization) and every MRO (Mechanical Rights Organization). It's essentially a one-stop shop.

Some people think "Oh, but I'm with ASCAP..." or "I'm with BMI, so I should register it there. Right?" No! You don't need to register it with ASCAP or BMI if you have a publisher, because they register it. The example that David Streit from BMI used, which I love is, "It's like Postmates or Uber Eats." If you put in an order with Postmates you don't then call the restaurant and then put the order in again, because now you just delivered 2 orders to the same restaurant from 2 different platforms, 2 different services. You only need to put in the order once with your PRO.

There are other royalties that are owed to you as a songwriter, other than just Performance Royalties. I have a whole chapter on the book on this, I write about this on Ari's Take, and it's also in the Registration, Royalties, & Release course. If you get everything registered with the publishing, you can release multiple, different versions of it. Anyone can cover it, and you'll get paid every time because you're the songwriter and you should get paid every time! If you're only registering it with your PRO, you're not getting all the money that's owed to you when the song is streamed.

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