The importance of data collection in LVL production

At first glance, the significance of automated production and process data collection in the making of LVL may seem quite low when compared to all the automation and IT needs of running a whole factory. Manually gathering this data gives some insight as to how your processes are working, but is it telling the whole story? What may be occurring every minute or second in your LVL plant may not seem overly important, but as all those events are gathered and analyzed, they begin to paint a very different picture. You soon realize you can reduce or eliminate many mistakes in production planning, maintenance operations, or process changes by having a firm grasp and understanding of your production and process data. Production and process changes can now be made on fact-based decisions when you have a solid foundation of data collected from the machine lines within your factory.

When collecting, processing, and analyzing this data we are talking about Management Information Systems. Here at Raute, our industry-leading solution is called MillSIGHTS. Our MillSIGHTS data collection platform has been delivered to hundreds of production lines over the years. Customers who have utilized MillSIGHTS have realized the ease with which they can make profitable decisions for production processes and maintenance.

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Presenter: Shawn Macgowan, Head of Services, NAM, Raute Corporation
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