The Impact of School Governance & Management of Quintile 1 & 2 Schools

In this episode, we are joined by Educational Strategist, Nanagamso ka NomaHlubi. The work she does involves helping to develop and improve learning solutions within a school system in South Africa, primarily in Quintile 1+2 schools. Quintile 1 is the group of schools in each province catering for the poorest 20% of learners. Quintile 2 schools cater for the next poorest 20% of schools, and so on. Her work involves a range of different tasks such as evaluating teachers, planning new learning strategies that schools can use to help learners and addressing any unique needs or factors like school governance. As a child of a retired teacher, she is incredibly passionate about the work she does and believes that a school's success depends on the community that the school is in. Community, teachers, school leadership - everyone plays a key role in maintaining the management of schools and the success thereof.
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