The Hindu Daily News Analysis || 07th December 2022 || UPSC Current Affairs || Mains & Prelims '23

In this video, we have discussed the essential news articles from different editions of "The Hindu" News Paper. This video decodes relevance of each article by comprehensively linking with UPSC syllabus, background for the article, present context, and 360-degree analysis of each article for UPSC Prelims and Mains dimensions.

At the end of the video, a Practice-cum-Revision session on UPSC Previous/Model MCQs is available, and Model/Previous Mains Questions are discussed/given for your practice.

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►►Introduction - 00:00
►►List of Topics - 00:12
1. Winter Session loaded with 25 Bills, no time for debate, says Opposition (sessions of parliament) - 00:26
2. How is TRAI proposing to help callers identify spammers? (Text & Context) (Calling Name Presentation feature, and its disadvantages) - 04:29
3. Cyclonic storm may bring heavy rain tomorrow (North East Monsoon, factors and mechanism of NE monsoon) - 10:28
4. Delhi choking, but do not blame stubble burning alone (Editorial) (Reasons for Delhi air pollution, and its impacts) - 13:21
5. New labour codes give a free hand to employers: unions (4 New labour codes, advantages and disadvantages) - 20:14
6. World Bank raises India’s growth projection to 6.9% (reasons for high growth projection) - 25:53
7. HC: Decide if BIAL is ‘public authority’ under RTI Act (State Information Commission, its functions and composition) - 29:12
8. Prelims Practice Questions - 32:28
9. Mains Practice Questions - 36:04

Important topics such as #sessionofparliament #prorogation #sic #stateinformationcommission #northeastmonsoon #delhipollution #delhiairquality #delhiairpollution #newlabourcodes #labourcodes #callingNamePresentation #spam #worldbank #indianeconomy #sessions #stubbleburning #upsc #upscpreparation #upsccurrentaffairs2022 #upscdailynewsanalysis #upscprelims2023 are vividly discussed in UPSC Civil Services Exam Perspective in this video, with a special Practice cum Revision session in the end.

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