The Hierarchy of Productivity: Maximizing Your Output

Perhaps you are interested in retiring early as a full-time investor?
Maybe you need your business to become profitable in the next six months?
Or perhaps you just want to nail that exam that you have in school, three weeks from now?

These three tasks have at least one important thing in common – they become sooo much easier to achieve if you know how to maximize your own productivity. Productivity is defined as the ratio between output and input, and I will assume that you want to generate as much output as possible for a given timeframe – a few weeks, months, or perhaps even years. In this video, we shall have a look at five different types of activities, in something that I will refer to as the hierarchy of productivity, and find out how moving between these will help you in boosting your output over a given timeframe tremendously.


Timestamps in the Hierarchy of Productivity:
01:25 Leverage
04:29 Primary
06:20 Support
07:39 Break
09:34 Timesink


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