The Hello Yassine Interview: NFT Scams, Female Rappers, Playboi Carti, Sneako & More

Hello Yassine and Admatalk about the latest headlines, debate, break down and comment on Glorilla, NFTs, Carti, and more!

00:00 Intro
1:04 Studied the business enough to realize how fame can get into someone's head
1:33 Mr Chi City is one of Yassine's fave Youtuber
3:31 Celebrities tarnishing their names with NFT scams, Sam Pepper, Tory Lanez, 6ix9ine, Lil Xan
6:33 Waka Flocka told Adam he would make so much money with NFT that he could stop podcasting
9:19 Yassine says Adam should have known that having Celina Powell on the platform would be a train wreck
12:00 Men don't really listen to female rappers besides Glorilla
12:40 Doja Cat is Yassine's favorite rapper right now
13:11 Glorilla is successful because the attention is not on her looks, the focus is on her music
16:26 Saweetie is never in the music conversation, even though she's doing good
17:06 Do women actually enjoy Ice Spice? Comparison with Coi Leray
18:20 Is "Munch" the new "Whoopty"? If her team keep working the way they do, she's gonna be forgotten by the time she drops an actual project
19:51 Adam says people listen to more podcasts and interviews than checking for any new music
25:20 Steamers are more entertaining to watch than looking for a new song, Andrew tate Nelk interview has 10M views, etc
26:12 Andrew Tate making his mark by being able to talk to any individual vs Joe Rogan and Fresh and Fit imposing their ideas to their guests
29:06 Yassine Youtube journey started in 2017
34:41 Says Jeleel is a tier lower than mid but overall promising
37:17 Rappers not putting any effort in their performances
40:52 Seeing Travis Scott perform twice in the same night, he makes you wanna come back to his next show
41:50 Adam reiterates what he thinks about Playboi Carti, Yassine says WLR is the worst thing he's ever listened to
45:10 But they both agree that Carti is a real artists, rare appearances and no interviews pay off
45:37 Yassine also says Carti being associated with Ian Connor, Rocky and Uzi at the time, really allowed him to be taken seriously
47:33 Youngboy consistantly putting out music is his huge asset, vs Carti that barely drops music, while Roddy Rich thought he was Kendrick and flopped
57:30 The rise of Tiktok and some of the main Tiktokers who now overcharge
59:29 Nobody cares when you predict the future and it actually happens the way you said it would
1:02:28 Adam decided to pivot to music content 6 years after doing BMX coverage, lot of work for little return
1:04:42 Bringing AD on and how we started to showcase different hosts
1:09:31 Seeing No Jumper as a brand allowed Adam to be more flexible in creating content
1:12:34 How Adam kept the Monday Show going despite the hate at first
1:16:17 Adam always tries to turn his interests into a business
1:21:52 Sneako getting banned off youtube
1:26:20 Charlamagne is the latest hip hop woke voice
1:27:56 If Akademiks was white he would have never gotten a Spotify deal
1:29:29 Getting banned from a platform with no timeframe of rehabilitation?
1:30:38 Says James Charles has done way worse than some and never got banned, Adam wonders why a R or a serial K can't have a youtube channel?
1:31:58 Nick Cannon video removed and had to apologize
1:33:11 Adam wanted to ask Nick Cannon what happened to his Richard Spencer interview?
1:35:05 Not feeling guilty about doing the "fall off" videos, besides the Kid Laroy one
1:42:34 If Tory is found not guilty it will be the end of Meg's career
1:45:36 The Kevin Samuels hate
1:49:39 Can Famous Dex make a comeback after the incident and being sober?
1:55:50 Yassine working a documentary coming soo





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