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The internet has evolved over the years, and the fruit of this evolution is the Metaverse. We exist in a time where a significant change in the history of humanity is happening, and our real lives are bound to spill over to the Metaverse. In this episode of The Future Of, we look into the Metaverse and the implications of this transition on society at large.

Joining us this week to explore this topic is Dudley Nevill-Spencer, Head of Research and Virtual Human Development at Virtual Influencer Agency. He founded the world’s first Virtual Influencer Avatar and Metaverse marketing agency. He’s also the Head of Research and Technology Director at Live & Breathe creative agency. Also in this episode is Johnny Rodriguez, Director of Strategic Innovation at Fresh Consulting. With his skills in UX design and software development, he has worked on AI, VR, robotics, web development, and much more in the tech space.

They cover:
- What the Metaverse is
- The Metaverse today and the real world
- The Metaverse in conjunction with Blockchain, NFTs, VR, and AR
- The future of industries and businesses in the Metaverse
- A day in the Metaverse
- How to handle the challenges that come with virtual life and the Metaverse
- Our future in the Metaverse


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“The Future Of”, is a podcast by Fresh Consulting & hosted by Jeff Dance, where we discuss and learn about the future of different industries, markets, and technology verticals. Together we’ll chat with leaders and experts in the field and discuss how we can shape the future human experience.


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