The Future of Life: Nobel Week Dialogue 2022

Join us at this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue where we will be looking towards our future in the hope of making life better, for everyone.

What do we hope for, what matters in life, what does a better future look like, and how far into that future should we be looking? These questions will form the starting points for a day dedicated to exploring our future together. By envisaging future scenarios, discussing how we want life to be in years to come and putting our imagination to work, we might influence the decisions we make now.

Discussions will focus on the key challenges and opportunities that will influence the future of humanity and life on earth. How can we improve living standards, preserve biodiversity, harness new technologies, cope with existential threats including war, pandemics and climate change, expand healthcare, correct socioeconomic disparities and improve education?

The future belongs to us all and the Nobel Week Dialogue will bring an intergenerational selection of experts into discussion with an interdisciplinary array of Nobel Prize laureates, including Frances Arnold, Andrea Ghez, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Benjamin List, Paul Nurse and Didier Queloz. We hope you will join us.
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