The Future of Governance in a Changing World

It was such a pleasure to welcome back one of our regular speakers today, a Chamber member and one of Singapore’s most thoughtful and insightful public intellectuals who also happens to be an entrepreneur, a poet and an author: Mr. Devadas Krishnadas, CEO of Future-Moves Group.

Devadas addressed the topic by presenting key insights from his company’s newly released “Future Governance Index”. This forwarding looking index charts the governance capabilities and readiness of 65 countries to deal with 5 Megatrends which the Future-Moves Group sees as shaping our world in the decades ahead: Climate Change and Resource Scarcity, Technological Advancement, Ageing and Urbanizing Populations, Shocks and Crises, and Slowbalization.

We particularly liked the “Governance Bank” concept in which governments, businesses and societies collaborate together, with mutual trust, to find solutions to the 5 Megatrends. Local examples of such #collaborativeinnovation include the Alliances for Action and the Singapore Together Movement.

Many thanks to Devadas for another tour de force engagement with insights across a broad range of questions and topics.

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