The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Governance

Within nonprofits, the responsibility for ensuring the organization is carrying out its mission is shared by the board of directors and the operational management staff. The functions of the board are referred to as “governance” while the work of the staff is operational management.

Staff managers are usually selected based on their expertise in functional areas that will help the organization thrive. Board members, however, are most often selected for reasons not directly related to their knowledge of what it takes to properly set the strategic direction of the organization and oversee its success.

In our experience and in the minds of staff leaders across the nation is that the board of directors often fall short in carrying out their part of the partnership. Part of the problem is that organizations frequently do not have an effective “onboarding” process for new directors. These new directors come to board meetings and try to help, but in many cases, they don’t know what specifically the board is supposed to be doing or how.

This webinar is designed for current and future board members, as well as senior staff members. We'll discuss:

What the board is
What its responsibilities are
What is the differences between governance and management
And how many boards make mistakes that can impact the success and even the continued existence of the organization
Participants in this webinar will come away with a better idea of nonprofit governance and how the board and staff management should interact in their various roles.
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