The FTX Conspiracy is Deeper Than you Think

FTX conspiracy shows Caroline Ellison, Sam Trubacco, & SBF's parents (Joe Bankman & Barbara Fried) are likely to face federal indictments next.

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0:00 - SBF’s parents complicit in FTX fraud?
0:34 - Caroline Ellison is next?
1:10 - Sam Trabucco is next?
1:37 - SBF’s parents likely to be indicted?
2:12 - Why are SBF’s parents?
3:33 - SBF’s parents were working w/ FTX
4:50 - Joe Bankman taught Peter Theil
5:27 - SBF’s parents working w/ FTX (pt2)
7:09 - People aren’t looking enough into SBF’s dad
9:23 - SBF’s mom had questionable business ethics
12:06 - Conspiracy charge shows parent indictment likely.
13:18 - Are SBF’s mom & dad next on the chopping block?

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