The Founder's Journey Podcast. Guest: Dave Kline

Dave Kline teaches leaders how to build great teams & level up their career.

His own founder’s journey started in the purchasing and creation of two businesses: MGMT Accelerator (cohort based management training) & SkillScouter. Prior Dave held senior executive positions at Bridgewater, Moody's Analytics, PwC.

Dave is also a highly followed writer on Twitter, discussing management and leadership.

We dig deep in this episode, discussing:

- How Dave got his first job when an alumni of his alma mater passed out on his coach
- Biggest lessons from buying your first business
- Why you need to miss a few business opportunities to be ready when the real one shows up
- How personal audience building is a driver of business growth
- Building a “Serendipity Acceleration Engine”
- Transitioning from a solopreneur into a scalable business
- The power of a daily writing habit
- Community building vs. Networking
- Approaching management skills as a new craft and not a destination
- Building management skills in early stage founders
- How remote work escalates every bad management habit and how to solve them
- Being intentional in your management approach
- How the corporate on-site will be the new offsite

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