The Fight Against AI

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- Alexandra Samuel. “We Got Social Media Wrong. Can We Get AI Right?” Jstor Daily,
- Matthew Vogt. “A Bot Might Have Written This.” Jstor Daily,
- Rockwell Anoyha. “The History of Artificial Intelligence.”
- Billy Perrigo. “Elon Musk Signs Open Letter Urging AI Labs to Pump the Brakes.” Time,
- James Moor. “The Dartmouth College Artificial Intelligence Conference: The Next Fifty Years.” AI Magazine.
- Hope Reese. “What Happens When Police Use AI to Predict and Prevent Crime?” Jstor Daily,
- Tim Lau. “Predictive Policing Explained.”
- James Poniwoziek. “TV’s War With The Robots is Already Here.” New York Times,
- Tiffany Hsu. “Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I Chatbots.” The New York Times,
- Kathyrn Hulick. “How ChatGPT and similar AI will disrupt education.” Science News,
- Kat Tenbarge. “Deepfake *Corn* of TikTok stars thrives on Twitter even though it breaks the platform’s rules.” NBC News,
- Livia Gershon. “Did Photography Really Kill Portrait Painting?” Jstor Daily,
- Kevin Roose. “An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.” The New York Times,
- Andy Baio. “Opening the Pandora’s Box of AI.” Waxy,
- “Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter.”
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0:00 intro
5:20 scentbird shoutout
8:51 our fear of tech and ai
14:00 history of ai
21:04 benefits of ai
25:10 potential downsides
25:30 inaccuracies
30:44 ai generated content
37:40 ai policing
38:16 ai art and you
artificial intelligence elon musk chat gpt ask ai robot open ai chat ai chatbot midjourney ai art wga strike
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