The Father Of Emotional Intelligence On How To Manage Your Emotions At Work | Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence is arguably the most important skill for any leader to succeed in the future of work.

So what is EQ?

According to Daniel Goleman, an internationally known psychologist and also known as the father of emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence is a competence, a workplace ability, that makes you stand out from others.

But why is EQ critical for leaders? Continue watching in this episode of The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan.

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0:00 -- Intro
1:48 -- Daniel’s background and how he got involved with emotional intelligence
4:49 -- What is leadership and what does it mean to be a leader
5:31 -- What is emotional intelligence
7:46 -- Is emotional intelligence something you learn or is it genetic
10:53 -- What emotional intelligence does for us
13:38 -- Should leaders always be positive, even if they are feeling upset or frustrated
16:40 -- How emotional intelligence manifests in an individual
20:12 -- Why do we need emotional intelligence?
27:37 -- Three methods to manage your emotions in the workplace
40:30 -- What do you do if you work for a leader who is not emotionally intelligent
43:04 -- How to create an emotionally intelligent organization

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