The Eisenhower Matrix (aka Urgent Important Matrix / Time Management Matrix) - RATED!!!

Learn how to prioritize using The Eisenhower Matrix (aka the Urgent Important Matrix, or the Time Management Matrix) - an essential decision-making and time management tool. If you have competing deadlines or too much work to do in too little time, this intuitive and flexible decision matrix is a great one to add to your toolkit - helping you become more efficient and effective and lift your personal productivity.

You'll find out how using just two simple dimensions (Urgent and Important), and the "4 D's of Time Management" can help you tame your task list, but also how the Eisenhower Matrix can be used in combination with other prioritization methods for powerful decision making.

I've also rated this method, so you can compare it against other prioritization tools, like the Impact/Effort matrix or 80/20 Pareto.

In this episode I cover:
- WHAT it is, and WHY its important
- HOW to use it, as well as a few tips and traps
- The real world PROS AND CONS
- Rating it to decide IF and WHEN you might wanna use it (and a bit of fun)
- A special POWER TIP

0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Outline
1:33 - What it is
2:22 - How to use it
6:54 - Pros & cons
9:27 - Rating the matrix
11:50 - Power tip!
12:49 - Outro

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