The downsides to being a plant manager -- while I loved my career, there were some aspects I did not

I detail 5 downsides to being a plant manager. I loved my career and would do it all over again, but it's best you know some of the challenges and negative aspects of the role. Check out my resume and interview links below to show the world how awesome you really are.

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Joe Kuhn is first and foremost a plant manager and leader; and now an entrepreneur. He has been a plant manager 3 times (largest plant $1.5B in sales / 2000 employees), a large department manager twice, an engineer, and due to his results he was appointed the global director of reliability and maintenance for a Fortune 200 company. His unique approach to driving reliability results come from not only his 32 years of experience, but also through the application of Lean and Six-Sigma concepts. Lean provides the "secret sauce" to achieving sustainable and rapid results -- most often in just weeks. This result fosters both sponsorship and future investment as a portion of the savings. All of these are combined to evolve a culture though new experiences.
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