The different types of Management Consultancy and the client problems they solve, using a Case Study

Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Technology Consulting, Operations Consulting - huh?! What are all these different types of consulting? What are the differences? What client problems do they each solve? What kinds of projects do they each run? How are they related to each other? This video uses a Case Study to explain the different types of consulting. It tells the story in a Case Study. The story format helps you see how all the different types of Consulting can relate to the same fundamental client problem - and what they each do to solve it.

00:00 Channel Intro
00:33 Context
01:43 Introduction to Case Study
02:40 Phase 1: Understand the Problem
06:24 Phase 2: Implement a Solution
09:58 Phase 3: Create Sustainability and Scalability

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