The Difference Between Management and Governance | Gary Bisbee, Ph.D., Think Medium

This episode is hosted by Day Zero Advisory Council Member Nathan Bays. Nathan speaks with Gary Bisbee, Ph.D., is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Think Medium. Prior to Think Medium, Gary was the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO for The Health Management Academy. Gary has rich experience as a lifelong entrepreneur and accomplished board member. He shares insights valuable to founders, operators, and board members alike.

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Dr. Gary Bisbee’s leadership positions have spanned Wall Street, academia, health policy and entrepreneurial ventures. He is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Think Medium, which explores learning and leadership through peer-to-peer conversations.

He is a frequent speaker and facilitator for executives and boards of directors. Gary is well published and he most recently co-authored, n=1: How the Uniqueness of Each Individual is Transforming Healthcare. His weekly video/audio podcast, The Gary Bisbee Show, pursues his interests in learning and leadership and features guests of significant accomplishment.

He has been a founder or leader of five venture companies. Most recently, he was Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of The Health Management Academy. He has been a member of multiple public and not-for-profit boards, and he currently sits on four boards, including Cerner Corporation. He is an advisor to investment funds.

Gary holds an M.B.A. in finance and healthcare from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in chronic disease epidemiology from Yale University, where his dissertation was part of the development of DRGs. His undergraduate degree is from North Central College.
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