The Convergence of Data Management and Data Governance - Eckerson Group Webinar

Managing data is complex. There are many dimensions of data that organizations need to manage to deliver business value at scale: quality, privacy, security, metadata, access, discovery, lineage, sharing, architecture, models, ML/AI, and so on. For each dimension, organizations need to establish policies, standards, and processes for governing data.

Until recently, most vendors focused on one aspect of data management or one aspect of data governance. This forced customers to purchase multiple tools to manage and govern the full scope of their data estates. But the new trend is toward convergence. Data management vendors are expanding offerings to handle all aspects of data management. And some are extending into data governance, providing comprehensive platforms to govern data.

This webinar will examine the rationale and reality of this convergence and provide viewers with a real-life example of a converged data management and governance platform. By the end of the webinar, viewers will understand the value of a converged platform versus purchasing multiple tools to perform the same work.

You Will Learn:
• What data management and data governance platforms look like
• Why data management and data governance platforms are converging
• What are the essential characteristics of a converged platform
• How a converged platform replaces a multitude of data tools
• How a converged platform accelerates the delivery of business value

Wayne Eckerson - President, Eckerson Group
Chris Phillips - VP of Product Development, Informatica
Ian Stahl - Senior Director of Product Management, Informatica

Sponsor: Informatica
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