The continued fight for diversity and equality in asset management

Pressure from both clients and colleagues continues to mount on asset managers, pushing them to make further strides in ensuring that their leadership teams and workforce are more diverse. What structural changes and initiatives should the industry look towards to accelerate change and address ethnic and gender underrepresentation? How can asset managers integrate diversity into the core of their business models, in order to realise superior operating performance? What strategies are leaders implementing to ensure diversity and equality are embedded into the heart of the recruitment process? How can asset managers ensure that they foster and truly build a culture of inclusivity?

Jose Minaya, CEO, Nuveen
Rupal Bhansali, CIO of International & Global Equities, Ariel Investments
Seema Hingorani, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Juan J. Martinez, Vice President / Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Knight Foundation

Danielle Verbrigghe, Managing Editor, FundFire
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