The Connection Between Effective Leaders & Communication

There is no mistaking the connection between effective leaders and effective communicators. But how do we measure the differences in styles and demeanor when it comes to a person’s communication style?

Join PI Midlantic’s Christine Ippolito and guest presenter Fran Racioppi, Founder & CEO of FRsix for the free webinar, The Connection Between Effective Leaders & Communication, where we discussed:

• Using behavioral data to fully understand your communication style, tone, and pace to be an effective communicator

• Using Behavioral data to fully understand the individual communication preferences, style, tone and pace of your team members to communicate most effectively

• How your communication style impacts your ability to convey a powerful message and vision that will engage your team and or your company

• The correlations between communication style, teamwork, and trust – all critical success factors for any leader

Our guest, Fran from FRsix, teaches leaders, teams and organizations in both the public and private sectors how to thrive in high stress, complex environments. Their team is composed of former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets who have successfully transitioned into civilian leadership roles as chief executive officers, chief security officers, and chief operating officers.
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