The Complete Project Management Body of Knowledge in One Video (PMBOK 7th Edition)

The complete PMBOK Guide 7th Edition (Project Management Body of Knowledge), in one video, 60 minutes, one sitting.

Learn this for your Project Management Course, for your PMP or CAPM exams, or just to enjoy the knowledge to get ahead at work.

00:00:00 PMBOK 7th Edition Introduction
00:00:16 Twelve Principles of project management
00:01:09 Three PMBOK Sections
00:01:23 SECTION I - Project Performance Domains
00:01:52 Stakeholder Performance
00:03:48 Team Performance
00:08:13 Development approach and life cycle
00:12:27 Planning
00:20:37 Project Work
00:25:56 Delivery
00:30:41 Measurement
00:35:23 Uncertainty and Risk
00:39:19 SECTION II - Tailoring
00:39:50 Why Tailor?
00:40:09 What to Tailor
00:41:15 The Tailoring process
00:43:05 Tailoring the Performance Domains
00:46:26 SECTION III - Models, Methods and Artifacts
00:46:55 Models
00:53:54 Methods
00:57:14 Artefacts
01:00:47 Well done!

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