The Complete Guide to Zoning in Cities Skylines 2

When starting a new city in Cities Skylines 2, zoning is one of the first things you'll have to manage in order to bring in residents, businesses and industries to your city. There are many different types of zones, each of which serves a unique function and building type, but how do they each work with each other? In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll briefly discuss each zoning type and how they should be placed and what their use is. For Residential, we have six types of zones, Commerical and office two each, and we have one type of Zoned Industry.

This is the definitive deep dive into each zoning type in Cities Skylines 2 and how to properly use them and how they are created. Using this complete guide to Zoning in Cities Skylines 2, you can better understand when and where to create zones as well as how to generate more demand for medium and high density zones so that you aren't stuck with simply low density demand the entire time.

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