The Cleanest Cities Of India | Ep-2 | Kakinada uses facial recognition, GPS, RFID to stay clean

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Kakinada has set a new standard in waste processing. This city of over 3.5 lakh people uses the latest technology to monitor and supervise waste collection. It has set up a robust technological system which involves a host to digital tools like RFID, Facial Recognition, GPS and human resource management system or HRMS to manage its waste collection staff and transportation, and also to monitor for leakages in the system. Through these technological innovations the Kakinada Municipal Corporation knows the attendance of workers, how many of them are present in a particular area and whether there are any route deviations by the waste transport vehicle after the collection. All these technologies are connected to a Central Command Centre, where the entire management of waste can be monitored. Apart from this, the municipal corporation has also ensured that majority of the population practice segregation at source.

All this has led to Kakinada having one of the best models for waste management. It also fits in perfectly with the smart city mission of the Government of India.
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