The Changing Face of Data Management

How data management has evolved over the past 4 years, and predictions for the near future.
This panel discussion looks at how perceptions and practice have has changed within data management over the past 4 years, and will be led by Lynton Norris – director of Aristotle Metadata and The Alfred Hospital.
Our panellists will talk about their own experiences with data management in the public sector, and answer questions such as:
- How has data management changed in practice over the past 4 years?
- How are organisations changing how they react to data challenges today?
- Which matters more for data strategy: tools, people or both?
Lastly, our panel will give predictions on where they see data management moving in future, and the skills and roles that will be most important for the public sector.
For participants, we are still short-listing but would seek to engage experts from the Department of Education, Department of Health, and National Library.
- Susie Kluth (CDO of the Department of Education, Skills & Employment)
- Heather Riley (Data Governance Specialist at ACMA)
- Simon Wall (Director, Data Governance and Management | National Library of Australia)
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