The Carbon Neutral Dental Office

Learn how your dental practice or any organization can become carbon neutral using easy to moderate effort step to reduce and ultimately neutralize the carbon footprint of your organization.

Understand how becoming carbon neutral can increase your ability to attract and retain patients, attract and retain the best team members, and serve as a model that encourages others organization to follow your example.

The video features a 3 person panel discussion and overview of how, in late 2020, Artisan Dental became the first carbon neutral general dental practice in the United States. That means all carbon or greenhouse gas emissions associated with all aspects of patient care including office energy, supplies and materials, and team business travel and commutes – are 100% offset through the purchase of verified and validated carbon credits.

Artisan Dental worked with Carbon Credit Capital, a
Manhattan-based carbon footprint management company,
to purchase carbon offset credits derived from GreenTrees’
ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Eco-system) program in
the Mississippi Valley. The ACRE project plants and grows new
forests to sequester carbon, restore biodiversity, and clean and
restore watersheds by creating new eco-systems on degraded

Panelists Include:
Scott Andersen - Co-owner, Director of Stakeholder Stewardship - Artisan Dental.

Olivia Fussell - Co-founder - Carbon Credit Capital

Robert Banner - Senior Project Manager, GreenTrees

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