The BIGGEST PROBLEM in The Indian Education System

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I studied engineering, worked as a management consultant in 2 of the big four firms, and now I’m an entrepreneur and content creator.

Choices you make in your late teens and early 20s should not define your entire life. If you want to switch your line of work, you should do it before it is too late!

You’ll need to upskill yourself by taking a course relevant to the occupation. Given the number of online courses available in popular emerging streams like data analytics, the question arises of which you should choose.

Just like how you compare other products, your first step must be to check for reviews and ask your questions to the alumni of the course.

upGrad allows aspiring learners to enquire about the course with the alumni to see if it meets their requirements and matches their expected job prospects.

So what are you waiting for, your dream job is just one course away.
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