The Best Of Mark Levin - 6/3/23

This week on the Mark Levin Show, Republicans in Congress should fight and get the best budget we can, but in the end, it will take a Convention of States. Even Ronald Reagan, the most popular president in American history, could not significantly cut the Federal budget because that is how the Washington machine is built – how can we expect Kevin McCarthy to be able to do what Reagan couldn’t? The trajectory of the GOP is very dire. Notwithstanding the debt ceiling deal, what will the conservatives in the Senate do? Slow it down? Offer amendments? We will watch and see. Also, more black people were killed in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend, and it isn’t even being talked about in the media because the police aren’t involved. Democrats still refuse to do anything about crime in the cities they run but instead cut back on police when they need them more than ever. Stephen A. Smith has the guts to take this issue on. Later, companies like Macy’s and Costco are issuing warnings about our economy, seeing changes in consumer habits that can be disastrous for the economy.

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