The Best Google Ads Q&A We've Ever Done | PSP 308

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Show Notes:
We're back with our best Q&A yet answering questions about getting great results with deeper optimizations, spending Google Ads Grant account budgets, managing search term reports, and setting values on primary and secondary conversions. We also share our thoughts on dynamic geographic insertion in responsive ads and how to set the target CPA in Google Ads.

How to make good results GREAT with ever deeper optimizations in Google Ads

Thoughts about dynamic geographic insertion in responsive search ads

How to best manage Google Ads Grant accounts to spend the full $10,000 budget

Thoughts on dynamic keyword insertions

How to manage the search terms report in Google Ads these days

Setting values on conversions in Google Ads on primary and secondary conversions and what values to set

How to think about setting the target CPA high or low in Google Ads

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