The Best Gladiator Arena Game You Never Played

This is a video review of a hidden gem that is a gamemode in the dungeon crawler game Exanima, that is the best gladiator arena game you never played.

0:00 Intro
1:26 What is Exanima
1:57 Main menu
2:41 Banner Creation
2:57 Manager Creation
3:33 The Hub and hiring explained
4:30 Recruiting new fighters
4:55 Low level Reserve fight
7:52 Progression explained
8:50 More low level Duels
9:12 Skills explained
11:00 High level fights
13:49 Low level Ogre fight
14:32 High level Ogre fight
15:37 Outro

Clips used in the intro belong to their respective owners.

Explore, fight, survive and unravel mysteries in this unique and unforgiving 3D isometric RPG set in an original dark, low fantasy world. Exanima's exceptional attention to detail and realistic simulation of all things aim to provide a deeply immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

This game features a very deep, truly physics based combat system. This is not just some animation feature, it is a fundamental difference that is central to gameplay. Real momentum, forces and collisions are always at play here, every nuance of your inputs is crucial to the outcome. This will likely be unlike anything you've played before and may take some practice, but can be hugely rewarding and the skill cap is virtually infinite. It is not particularly fast paced or difficult but it does require you to pay attention, it is very tactical and just casually pressing buttons won't get you very far!
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