The Art of Collection Management with Artwork Archive: Essential Tools from 2021

Virtual access to the arts continued to be paramount in 2021. Based on feedback from our esteemed clients over the past year, the Artwork Archive team met the evolving demands of arts administrators and collectors around the world, resulting in a number of updates to our digital collection management platform.

In this webinar, intended for collection managers, registrars, gallerists, and their teams, we’ll cover the essential tools that Artwork Archive released in 2021. We’ll also share the best practices our clients are employing to improve their online collaboration with teammates and artists, strengthen their digital collection strategies, and make their respective collections—and cultural missions—more accessible to the public.

This webinar will address:
- Expanding your organization’s reach with Online Exhibitions
- Staying organized with Revenue & Expense Tracking
- Maintaining security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Activity Logs.
- Preserving critical documentation with My Docs
- Saving time with the Artist Direct Upload update, which enables artists with Artwork Archive accounts to transfer information directly into an Artwork Archive Organization account (with your permission)
- And more!

“The Art of Collection Management with Artwork Archive” is a new webinar series that highlights popular features and effective workflows within the Artwork Archive platform for collection managers, registrars, gallerists, and their teams. You’ll come away from these short presentations with easy-to-execute strategies and tips to set your art organization up for success.

Artwork Archive is an online art inventory management system used by artists, collectors, and collecting institutions in over 130 countries around the world.

Learn more about Artwork Archive here: https://bit.ly/3E16G8V
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