The 10 best management teams this reporting season

We investors are told time and time again that a company is nothing without a great management team. That founder-led businesses often far outperform those with hired suits. That leaders who continue to exceed expectations are a rarity - and thus, invaluable.

Considering the mess of a market in which we find ourselves, Aussie companies have proved themselves to be "resilient" - resulting in a relatively "beige" reporting season this August.

So which companies have truly come out on top? And why does having the right management team make all the difference?

In this thematic episode of Buy Hold Sell, Centennial Asset Management's Matthew Kidman was joined by abrdn's Michelle Lopez and First Sentier's David Wilson for 10 of the country's best management teams this reporting season, including leaders from the financial, tech, materials, healthcare and industrial sectors.

Note: This episode of Buy Hold Sell was filmed on Wednesday, 30th August 2022. You can read an edited transcript below:
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