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1. Explain the different exceptions in Selenium WebDriver.
Exceptions in Selenium are similar to exceptions in other programming languages. The most common exceptions in Selenium are:

TimeoutException: This exception is thrown when a command performing an operation does not complete in the stipulated time
NoSuchElementException: This exception is thrown when an element with given attributes is not found on the web page
ElementNotVisibleException: This exception is thrown when the element is present in DOM (Document Object Model), but not visible on the web page
StaleElementException: This exception is thrown when the element is either deleted or no longer attached to the DOM

2. What is POM (Page Object Model)?
Page Object Model is a design pattern for creating an Object Repository for web UI elements. Each web page in the application is required to have it’s own corresponding page class. The page class is thus responsible for finding the WebElements in that page and then perform operations on those WebElements.

3. How to scroll down a page using JavaScript in Selenium?
We can scroll down a page by using window.scrollBy() function.


((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript("window.scrollBy(0,500)");

4. How to scroll down to a particular element?
To scroll down to a particular element on a web page, we can use the function scrollIntoView().

5. How to handle keyboard and mouse actions using Selenium?
We can handle special keyboard and mouse events by using Advanced User Interactions API. The Advanced User Interactions API contains the Actions and the Action Classes that are needed for executing these events.

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6. Which files can be used as data source for different frameworks?
Some of the file types of the dataset can be: excel, xml, text, csv, etc.

7. What are Listeners in Selenium?
It is defined as an interface that modifies the behavior of the system. Listeners allow customization of reports and logs.

Listeners mainly comprise of two types, namely

WebDriver listeners
TestNG listeners

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