Terroir and Heritage Grains Influence on Malts Used in Brewing and Distilling

Malt is one of the key ingredients in both beer and spirits.

What grains are used and where they are grown can have a huge impact on the flavour of the final product. And today we have two experts to discuss these factors.

Angelita Hynes is the Terroir Expert at Waterford Distiller. Waterford have pioneered single-farm (and even single-field) whiskeys and have built up a huge knowledge on the effect of terroir on the grain and malt. They are now investigating heritage grains and their impact on the whiskey.

Maurice Deasy is the owner of Canvas, a small-batch Farmhouse Brewery in Tipperary, Ireland. At Canvas he brews with the grains he grows himself and has also started growing heritage grains and investigating their flavours in the beer.

Both Angelita and Maurice have a wealth of knowledge. If you'd like to join in and ask questions join us free at BeoirFest.com, otherwise watch the live stream here on YouTube.

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