Teradata LinkedIn Live: Engineer a Data Mesh that Benefits Business and Technology

The original LinkedIn Live session aired on September 29, 2021.  

Leading data experts from Capgemini, Intelligent Solutions, Inc./Boulder BI Brain Trust, and Teradata share why data mesh is trending for innovative companies and how your organization can:
• Gain the inherent agility associated with Data Mesh
• Have loosely coupled teams focusing semi-independently on their specific business areas
• Create significant value when performing analysis at an enterprise level
• Optimize data that becomes a key product, managed by a domain
• Choose from multiple ways of deploying schemas within a Data Mesh

• Ron Tolido, EVP, CTO, and Chief Innovation Officer for Capgemini
• Stephen Brobst, CTO for Teradata
• Claudia Imhoff, President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc., and Founder, Boulder BI Brain Trust
• Moderated by Chris Twogood, SVP of Global Marketing, Teradata
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