TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 441 - NACS update, Low-Cost Silverado EV dead, Lordstown Bankrupt

This week, yet another update on the NACS transition, Chevrolet kills the ‘affordable’ Silverado EV Work Truck before it even launches, and Lordstown files for bankruptcy

These stories, and many more on today's show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 - Start
00:37 - Welcome!
00:44 - Updates on the transition to NACS
01:50 - Silverado EV WT reviews roll in, as Chevrolet kills the entry-level version before production
02:53 - Solar, Wind generation outpaces other new generation in the U.S. for the first 1/3 of this year
03:51 - Volkswagen slows down production of ID4, ID7 in Germany
04:49 - Chevrolet celebrates the first Blazer EV off the line
05:53 - Tesla reportedly takes Valencia off its list of places to host a new factory after news leak
06:47 - Ford appears to patent “Flash” For use in a new F150 Lightning Performance model
07:45 - Lotus details more information about its upcoming Eletre EV
08:41 - Former Audi Boss gets off lightly with fine and suspended sentence for Dieselgate
09:37 - Lordstown MOtors officially files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
11:28 - Professor John. B. Goodenough passes away.
11:48 - Engineers at MIT develop super-powerful electric motor.
12:05 - A small minority of residents of Marshall, Michigan, sue to stop Ford building a battery factory there
12:23 - Mary Barra speaks candidly about GM’s Future, Elon Musk and more
12:45 - Model 3 RWD Long Range rumored to be getting a new battery from CATL
13:04 - Blink says that it has completed the assimilation of SemaConnect.
13:20 - Spain starts a new incentive program for those who purchase EVs
13:38 - Citing continued problems, NASA ends its X-57 Maxwell program.
13:56 - BMW breaks ground on a new battery facility in South Carolina
14:13 - Aston Martin, Lucid, announce a new partnership into EVs
14:30 - First Fisker Ocean EVs delivered in the U.S.
14:47 - Electrify America, Lyft announce pricing for special EV charging rates.
15:05 - The City of Detroit commits to powering its municipal buildings with 100% locally-generated solar power
15:24 - Nissan LEAF survives another model year, gets a slight price change
15:41 - Toyota, Hyundai get in trouble with the ASA
16:00 - Dominos orders more Chevrolet Bolt EVs
16:19 - Hyundai teases another video of its IONIQ 5 N
16:32 - New Formula E streaming partnership announced for the U.S.
16:51 - GM launches its own energy storage solutions
17:08 - Official Tesla Ads begin to appear via Google in select markets
17:24 - After multiple Nikola trucks burned at its headquarters, question remain as to the root cause
17:42 - Yet to join NACS, Stellantis announces its own charging business
18:00 - Volkswagen Boss confirms there’s not an electric Beetle coming
18:17 - Leaked Kia EV9 Pricing for Belgium suggests it won’t be cheap
18:33 - GAC unviels an e-VTOL aircraft
18:50 - US DOE, FTA, funds nearly $1.7 billion in new, cleaner buses
19:05 - Biden Administration announces plan to spend $2 billion of Inflation reduction act funds on EV transition
19:25 - Donald Trump says EVs will kill Detroit (again)
19:43 - Governor Ron DeSantis vetoes an
20:01 - Opel releases one-off Opel Rocks-e Xtreme.
20:20 - The first all-electric flying car is certified for flight
20:38 - Volvo delivers its highly-capable FE trucks, with impressive hauling and range
20:58 - SPONSORED CONTENT: Support the Chicago Chesed Fund and get a chance to win a Tesla or $50,000 in the 7th Annual CCFRaffle.com
22:18 - US Federal Study calculates just how many charging stations the U.S. needs
23:25 - Joby Aviation makes its first *production* eVTOL (a Prototype) and says it’s ready for Test flights
24:35 - Thanks, and Goodbye!
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