TEN 368 - F150 Gouging, NY Electric School Buses, Batteries Live After Death!

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01:06 - Ford begins converting pre-reservations to orders for F150 Lighting - Warns dealerships about price gouging
02:26 - GM confirms electric Equinox, Blazer on the way as part of CES keynote
03:37 - Volkswagen sets March 9 as the reveal date for the production version of the ID. Buzz
04:33 - New York’s Governor commits to a zero-emission school bus fleet
05:29 - Tesla Model S Plaid gets a much-needed Track Mode OTA
06:28 - Mercedes-Benz announces a camper van conversion to its EQV
07:40 - Hummer H1 Prototypes did wheelies
08:40 - Doosan Bobcat unveils an all-electric front-loader
09:38 - Tesla Model S powered by Gemini ONE battery sets a new range record — in winter!
10:37 - Researchers find a way to bring ‘dead’ lithium-ion batteries back to life
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12:53 - Bosch unveils an electric bike with AI route guidance at CES 2022
13:15 - Qualcomm rolls out an ‘open and upgradable digital platform” for AI and electric cars at CES 2022
13:31 - Ambarella details its own autonomous vehicle platform with claimed energy efficiency improvements over previous versions at CES 2022
13:50 - At CES 2022, Blink unveils its new range of charging stations
14:09 - EvoCargo announces its plans to bring its autonomous logistics platform to the U.S. at CES 2022
14:23 - Togg unveils its planned EV platform at CES 2022
14:43 - At CES 2022 Pure Watercraft announces the world’s first EV Pontoon
15:00 - Lightning e-Motors unveils its electric vehicle chassis for commercial vehicles
15:12 - Indigo unveils its rideshare designed electric vehicels at CES 2022
15:30 - Vinfast unveils three new electric vehicles at CES 2022
15:47 - Damon motorcycles unveils its hyperfighter motorcycle at CES 2022
16:05 - REE announces a major mystery customer who wants a large delivery vehicle built on its platform at CES 2022
16:26 - Stellantis announces large order of EVs from Amazon
16:49 - Microlino EV delayed
17:05 - New French law requires car commercials to recommend walking or cycling when possible
17:26 - Ionity expands its electric vehicle charging station plans across Europe
17:41 - GAIC Aion priced in China
17:59 - Lucid Motors confirms OTA will turn on driver assistance features
18:14 - Chevrolet teases Silverado EV Trail Boss Edition
18:35 - Shell converts its first petrol station in the UK to an electric forecourt
18:52 - Nikola, Tesla, call it quits on IP lawsuit
19:09 - British LIthium produces lithium from Mica - which comes from crushed Granite.
19:27 - Porsche Taycan sells double what it did in 2020 in 2021
19:42 - Stellantis says it’s not worried by electric pickups from rival manufacturers
19:58 - Tesla begins installing Megachargers to support Tesla Semi at Frito lay
20:15 - Chevrolet Silverado RST EV First Edition sells out in 12 minutes
20:37 - Toyota hints its first solid-state battery might go in a hybrid
20:53 - Lucid Motors says it will begin European deliveires soon
21:13 - German Tesla reaches 1.5 million kilometers on its odometer
22:15 - Canadian company Taiga begins production of its all-electric snowmobiles
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