Technology under Peoples' control: A participatory vision for biodiversity

The webinar "Technology under Peoples' control: A participatory vision for Biodiversity" is part of the Online Mobilization: Peoples' Voices for Biodiversity

Some of the world’s most powerful corporations and governments are planning a global future dominated by quick techno-fixes such as geoengineering (some of which are labelled under the rubric or called "nature-based solutions”) and new forms of genetic engineering, such as exterminator genes ("genetic forcing" or "gene drives"). They ignore the root causes of our problems and, if implemented, would exacerbate biodiversity loss and undermine people’s basic rights. We must organize with allies to re-imagine the place of techno-capitalism in our societies and ecosystems in a way that defends our planet's delicate web of life.
Drawing on the experiences of peasants, Indigenous peoples and others who have expertise through their life experience, this webinar will explore how participatory processes of technology assessment can help bring technology under people’s control. It will review the prospects for such processes being adopted by popular social movements, beginning at the local scale and also at larger scales in order to influence international governance processes, such as the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the next meeting of which takes place in Kunming in April/May 2022.

Time stamps:
0:00 - 10:28 Lim Li Ching: Technology assessment as an arena of struggle in the CBD
10:28 - 19:18 Tom Wakeford: Participatory Technology Assessment
22:20 - 35:57 Verónica Villa: Red de Evaluación Social de Tecnologías en América Latina
33:57 - 38:36 Tom Wakeford: Africa technology assessment network

Find the presentations here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FY0Y4KOFPpIiu4Mm-qsblHH96ZJGmQTN?usp=sharing
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