Technology Showcase by the Netherlands

Join us at the Netherlands Innovation Pavilion to connect with companies that are looking for partnerships to create impact. The selected companies are active in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, high tech, circular economy and alternative proteins.

00:00 Welcome Remarks - Introduction of Netherlands Embassy’s Services
Astrid Seegers, Head of Innovation, Netherlands Innovation Network
Gabby van Herpt, Regional Startup Liaison, Netherlands Embassy in Singapore
Sabine Poelmann, Agricultural Advisor, Netherlands Embassy in Singapore

02:15 A Top World’s Greenest Packaging Intro
Adriaan Verbeek, Co-founder, A TOP B.V. World's Greenest Packaging

07:23 BigMile – The Standard in CO2 Footprinting
Jack Pool, CEO, BigMile

11:27 Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) Processing: Innovative IBA Washing to Convert Ash into a Clean Aggregate – NEWSand
Rogier Van de Weijer, International Business Development Manager, Blue Phoenix Group

17:08 ChannelEngine: Connecting Global E-commerce Sales
Jorrit Steinz, Founder and CEO, ChannelEngine

21:10 The Future of Chemistry is Fermentation and Data Science
Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO, EV Biotech

26:17 Multi-purpose Floating Sustainable Platform
Jan Willem Roel, Founder and CEO, FlexBase

31:22 Scalable Mechanisms for Traceable Impact Investments in Waste Management Industry
Alexander Enthoven, Head of Business Development, Kryha

36:31 GDPR Proof and Fraud Resistant Access Control
Olivier Rikken, CEO, Ledger Leopard

42:19 Technology for Cultivating Meat
Jonathan Breemhaar, Lead Automation, Mosa Meat

46:31 Non-Invasive Industrial Monitoring Using Acoustics & AI
Emmanuel Bueta, Founder and CEO, OneWatt Solutions BV

50:44 Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Makes Water Distribution Safer
Jos-Willem Verhoef, Managing Director, Optiqua BV

55:40 Uptime – The Hazard Intel Platform
Djeevan Schiferli, Resilience Software Director, Royal HaskoningDHV

01:00:12 Electrical Signature Analysis: Detecting Failures Months in Advance
Simon Jagers, Founder and Company Evangelist, Samotics BV

01:05:52 Meat Substitutes for the Asian Market
Gijs Klaassen, International Sales Manager, Schouten Europe

01:10:14 Customisable AI-powered Diagnosis, Surgery Planning and Navigation Systems
Dr Phillippe LEDUC, Technical Lead, Sioux Technologies
Dr Adeline Hong, Project Manager, Sioux Technologies

01:16:08 Blockchain Certification of Steel Products for the Petrochemical Industry
Tom Meulendijks, CEO, SteelTrace BV

01:22:04 TempSense: Recyclable Paper Dataloggers
Niels Postma, CEO and Founder, Tapp.online

01:25:54 Building the Tech-powered Future of Food
Marleke de Ruyter de Wildt, CEO, The New Fork

01:31:18 Protein Production by Fermentation
Wim de Laat, The Protein Brewery BV
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