Technical Project Manager Interview - Role, Responsibilities, Day to Day Tasks, Background & Hiring

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Hi Recipe for Success Network,

Today, I'm interviewing a technical project manager role for you all to learn more about what the title looks like, what the job entails, how to pivot or get into a similar role and how to find companies that are hiring junior or new project managers without any experience!

We will cover the following questions:
1. What’s your current title? How long have you been in that role?
2. What does that mean? What are your roles/responsibilities?
3. What roles do you work with on a day to day basis?
4. What does a typical day look like?
5. How’d you get your current role? Does it align with that you studied in school?
6. Have you done any professional certifications or trainings for your current role?
8. Can anyone do your job? What skills does it take to be good at your job?
9. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into your role?


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3. UCIrvine Course: https://coursera.pxf.io/ucirvine
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