Technical Analysis Secrets Revealed by a 25-Year Experienced Veteran | Trendlines | Trading setups

Thoviti Brahmachary and Apurva Sheth will continue their discussion as they dive into the topic of trendlines and trading setups. They will reveal the techniques for mastering trendlines, utilizing Dow Theory, and identifying profitable trading setups.
Thoviti starts the episode with an explanation of the fourth stage that stocks go through: Capitulation. He explains the declining phase with the help of a chart. He shared three truths about the market.
He explains the principles of Dow Theory and its application in modern trading. He shares the trading reality by explaining:
1) Entry and exit points
2) Strategies
3) Trade process
Thoviti talks about several trading settings and offers helpful advice on identifying high-probability bets.
Apurva Sheth and Thoviti's insights can help you make better trading decisions and increase your overall profitability.
Watch now to improve your skills as a trader.

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About Thoviti Brahmachary
Thoviti Brahmachary is a renowned Technical Analyst, Television Host, and Financial Journalist with over 25 years of experience in analyzing stock markets. He has trained over 5000 traders across India. He headed the Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA) Hyderabad Chapter for three years and is also associated with HMTV, a regional news channel and Namasthe Telangana Daily Newspaper as the Business Editor. He has been closely reporting economic reforms and market forecasts in various newspapers, magazines and electronic media. He has written columns in The Hans India and was associated with Dalal Street Investment journal as Consultant Analyst. Currently, he manages the family funds with an association of Wealocity advisors. He holds three Master's degrees in various disciplines - Journalism, Political Science and Business Administration along with a PG Diploma in Financial Management.

About The Right Choices with Oracles of Dalal Street :
The Right Choices with Oracles of Dalal Street is hosted by Apurva Sheth. He is the Head of Market Perspectives & Research at Samco. He has more than 11 years of experience in financial markets. Our show focuses on curating actionable and insightful strategies from real-world stock market heroes. Our guests have been successful in markets and are willing to share their insights with you.

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