Tech track: Ingredient processing innovation for PBM

Discover the key breakthroughs that will make processing inputs and ingredients for alternative proteins more effective and affordable.

Priera Panescu, Ph.D., The Good Food Institute (moderator)
Steven Cornet, Ph.D., Project Manager, Protein Technology, NIZO
Ben Gray, Ph.D., Senior Technology Research Manager, Benson Hill
Kushal Chandak, Vice President, Research and Development, PURIS Holdings
Christopher Gregson, Ph.D., Food Materials Scientist (& GFI grantee), Paragon Pure
Lana Zivanovic, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, InnovoPro
Miek Schlangen, MSc, PhD candidate, Food Process Engineering, Wageningen University

About The Good Food Institute:
The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working internationally to make alternative proteins like plant-based and cultivated meat delicious, affordable, and accessible. GFI advances open access research, mobilizes resources and talent, and empowers partners across the food system to create a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply.

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