Tech Innovation in Consulting – Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture 101 for Consultants
With Bob Hruska, Sparx Systems Central Europe

Global consultant, speaker and trainer Bob Hruska delves into enterprise architecture and its importance for success in the highly competitive and potentially disruptive environment.

Enterprise architecture has emerged as a critical discipline to ensure that an enterprise and the organisations it comprises have an understanding of the significant elements of which it is made, from strategic goals through to the business elements assisting in achieving those goals. The discipline also allows enterprises to create an architecture that will transform them from where they are to where they need to be.

The event is part of the ICMCI Future of Management Consultancy initiative which combines a series of events, discussions and publications as it strives to promote the global conversation about the future of the profession towards developing a common vision to help and inspire consultants all over the world. Designed as an “open source” and inclusive platform, the Future of Management Consultancy is an opportunity to seek answers to pressing questions and to encourage interactive communication and joint idea generation.
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