Teams Tutorial

Teams Tutorial

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Who it's for: Microsoft Teams is for business employees who want to change the way they work with the best communication and collaboration tools.

What it is: Microsoft Teams is a collaborative environment that allows you to bring your colleagues, content, and conversations together, all in one place, with real-time collaboration.

What you'll learn: Learn how to create teams in order to group, manage, and communicate with your colleagues. Make content readily available by adding channels for different projects or topics. Then, add tabs for easy access to files, so you and your team members can seamlessly collaborate across multiple documents.

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Course Overview 0:59
What is Teams? 2:25
Shortcuts and Apps 5:11
Planning and Creating Teams 11:02
Editing and Sharing Teams 17:32
Assigning Owners and Permissions 19:44
Creating Standard and Private Channels 24:27
Creating and Managing Posts 30:03
Integrating Services 35:53
Scheduling Meetings 45:56
Meeting Options 52:23
Hosting Meetings in Channels 57:36
Other Useful Settings 1:11:05
Conclusion 1:17:45

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