Teams Governance Made Simple - Quick Overview of Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams

In this video, you'll learn how Teams governance can be made simple! You'll see a quick overview of how Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams can help you keep control of your environment and prevent uncontrolled growth.

The highlights:
• Overview for end users of their teams
• Additional metadata for teams
• Request new teams with an approval workflow
• Naming conventions for teams, OneNote, Planner
• Lifecycle management for archiving old teams
• Notifications via chat messages when a team is about to expire
• Teams templates with content, e.g. channels, private channels, predefined folder structures or predefined planner with or without tasks, and many more
• Everything to help you maintain a clean environment!

Start optimizing your governance in Microsoft Teams today!
Download Teams Manager in the Teams app store at

For more information, please visit https://www.solutions2share.com.
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