Team Building - learn Leadership

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Team Building - learn Leadership
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Team building refers to all the activities undertaken to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance.
Explain What is a Team,List the Differences between Group and Team,Explain the Characteristics of a Team,Explain What is Team Work,Describe the Various Team Models,Describe the Various Types of Teams,Explain the Stages of Team Development,List the Effective Team Management Skills,Explain What is Team Building,Describe the Team Building Exercises,Explain What is a Team Contract,List the Rules for Participation & Communication,Explain the Role of Team Leader in Team Building,Explain Why Teams Fail,Explain How to Prevent Fall Outs in a Team
No prior knowledge is required.,Are you a team leader or manager in your organization and struggling to build your team or finding it difficult to develop a good rapport among your team members, then you are in the right place.  Enrol into this course and you will learn Differences between Group and Team, What is Team Work, Effective Team Management Skills, What is Team Building, Role of Team Leader in Team Building and various other related concepts.,The course is written using simple language and most of the concepts are explained in well-laid out manner.  The various types of teams like Permanent Teams, Temporary Teams, Task force, Committee, Workforce Teams, Self-managed Teams, Cross functional Teams, Virtual Teams are very well explained in this course.  This well-structured course is packed with full of ideas that can be used to build the teams in the organizations. After going through the introduction part, the reader will be definitely motivated to go through the entire course which can be used to implement in his/her organization.,,Human Resource ManagersTeam LeadersGeneral ManagersMBA Students,Human Resource Managers,Team Leaders,General Managers,MBA Students
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