Teaching Your Kids to Shift From Neg to Pos - Elisabeth Stitt | TSPS 132

We live in a very negatively focused world; we live with very negatively focused media. To make it worse, our brains have a natural negative bias. Our kids need something more from us: they need for us to help them shift out of their own negative worldview into a positive world view. Are you ready? Taking this journey for your kid might have side effects . . .

Long-time public school teacher, award-winning parent educator, and author of Parenting as a Second Language, Elisabeth Stitt founded Joyful Parenting Coaching to give parents the skills they need to create the happy and harmonious homes they desire and deserve. Because parenting is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced, Elisabeth believes 100% that every parent can work to create the connected relationships with kids that garner their cooperation and allow kids to thrive. Through her talks, workshops and webinars, Elisabeth brings her warmth and wisdom to parents all over the world.

To find out more visit: https://www.elisabethstitt.com/

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