Teaching Evaluation Form

Hello Everyone,
• I welcome you all, to this you Tube channel.
• Today I am going to give you an idea about teaching evaluation form.
• I firmly believe that the Things which we don’t measure can’t be improved.
• There is a need to evaluate how we teach.
• There are many ready-made questionnaires, Inventory, scales and tools are available to for evaluation, you can make your own as well. i.e., Customized.
• I use these 10 questions to evaluate my teaching at the end of class, month, semester etc. You can ask students to fill and submit you may be individually or in group (you decide, which suits you the best).
• Here I am using Rating between 0-10.
• Where 0 means extremely poor
• 10 means exceptionally good
Q.1 How the students found your planning and preparation towards taking classes. I recommend that even though you have excellent teaching experience, don’t go for class without preparation.
Q.2 Teacher /Student relationships
Q.3 Classroom management: Very key skills to be acquired.
Q.4 Instruction time: Don’t be slow and don’t be in hurry, Utilize entire one hour
Q.5 Punctuality in timing and conducting lectures for entire one hour. Plz give your best for the teaching you are passionate and paid for the same.
Q.6 Monitoring of student’s performance
Q.7 Maintaining records
Q.8 Showing professionalism
Q.9 Demonstrates knowledge of content and related pedagogy
Q.10 Designs and structures lessons

So, evaluate your teaching, get feedback, work on it and improve your teaching
Good luck and best wishes

Thanks and regards,
Dr. Tarpan Shah
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