TBPPM Webinar 21-5 | Understanding market performance: Analysis of private sector TB drug sales

A majority of people with TB symptoms initially seek care with private providers, but which providers end up treating TB patients? Due to incomplete data submission to national TB programs, TB notification data only tell part of the story.

In simple terms, private healthcare providers may follow one of two main pathways: they may refer patients with TB symptoms, or may diagnose and treat TB themselves. To differentiate between these two scenarios, studies have been conducted in 10 high burden countries, the Philippines, and India to quantify the volume of TB drugs that are procured and consumed within the private sector. These private sector TB drug sales volumes have then been used to estimate the number of TB patients being treated in the private sector with non-program drugs.

Surveying private TB drug sales in this way provides helpful insights, yet the availability of the underlying drug sales data sets is variable across different countries, which can raise challenges when it comes to practical implementation. In this webinar, we will learn about the methods and applications for TB drug sale surveys and analyses, including practical challenges and tips.
The overall outline of the webinar is as follows:

Panel Presentations:

Introduction to the topic – William Wells, USAID
The analysis and use of private TB drug sales in India - Nim Arinaminpathy,  Imperial college
The challenges and promise of improving drug sales data quality in low- and middle-income countries - Deepak Batra, IQVIA
The programmatic use of private TB drug sale data - Sameer Kumta, BMGF-India

Comment: TB Pharmacy practice - Rosalind Miller, LSHTM
Comment: Factors of good TB pharmacy/ drug sales practice – Ramya Ananthakrishnan, REACH

Q & A moderated by William Wells, USAID

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