Tarun Chitra: Using Battle-Tested Financial Modelling Techniques to Manage On-chain Protocols

The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy sits down with Tarun Chitra, Founder of Gauntlet, a financial modelling platform that uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to inform on-chain protocol management. The two discuss the intricacies of Gauntlet’s risk models, the future of governance, the state of artificial intelligence, and much more!

Show Notes:
(00:00:00) – Introduction.
(00:01:23) – Tarun’s background / Moving into crypto.
(00:16:44) – Overview of Gauntlet.
(00:26:06) – Updating risk models.
(00:30:16) – Are risk models independent?
(00:34:27) – Getting to full automation.
(00:41:29) – The future of governance.
(00:45:58) – Automated governance modelling.
(00:49:09) – Sophisticated AI attack vectors.
(00:52:12) – Thoughts on the state of AIs.
(00:58:05) – Biggest goal for Gauntlet in the next year.
(00:59:19) – Tarun’s favorite hair color.

Social links:
Tarun’s Twitter: @tarunchitra
Gauntlet Twitter: @gauntletnetwork

The Delphi Podcast Summaries: https://delphi.link/PodcastSummaries
Gauntlet Website: https://gauntlet.network/
Gauntlet Blog: https://medium.com/gauntlet-networks

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